Glorious Failure


Description: Glorious Failure is the first ring in the Turn collection. 925 silver ring composed of two bands with Glorious and Failure respectively hand engraved. In the band engraved with the word Glorious the ring was bathed in rose gold, to mark visually the meaning of the jewel. The gold color over time will fade and the silver, that is the basis of the jewel, will remain. To join the two bands the embossed logo of Alef jewelry.

Meaning: Glorious Failure is a ring with two opposite meanings that complement each other. Each failure once absorbed and overcome becomes glorious leading to personal growth. The pink gold that colors the Glorious band represents the full color of glory in the common imagination, but the key feature of this jewel is that over time the gold color will tend to fade and remain only silver as a sign that the glory, that lasts a moment, is the result of sacrifices and failures that remain within us forever.

Metal: 925 silver and 925 silver bathed in rose gold
Band size 8 mm
Processing: hand worked with the lost wax casting technique

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925 silver and 925 silver bathed in rose gold

Band size

Band size from 8mm


Handcrafted with lost wax casting process