Necklace Soul
Love red stone


The Soul’s jewel is composed by

Base: 925 silver charm, hand made using lost wax technique. The base of the charm has a hole at the center, formed by the union of two lines, which allows the stone’s insertion. On the charm base’s sides there two parallel lines that remind the iconic Alef Jewels’ design.

Stone Love: Coral red stone with black veins on 925 silver base. On the back, there is an inscription and a central pin. The inscription is written on metal and it states “SOUL”.
Once inserted in the charm base, the pin is fixed with the silicon gum, supplied by Alef, and it completes the SOUL jewel.

NOTE: for the correct insertion of the stone in the charm’s base, scroll down for the instructions.

Metal: Silver 925
Stone’s diameter: 1,9 cm
Pendant base: height 1,5 cm; width 2 cm
Thickness: 0,5 cm
Processing: hand worked with the lost wax casting technique

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Silver 925


Charm + Necklace Chain, Only charm