Power big band


Eye of the tiger stone
The eye of the tiger is the warrior’s stone. It was worn by the ancient romans before the important battles, in order to protect themselves and give them strength and courage to defeat the enemies.

Hidden symbol
The triangle, with the tip pointing upwards, is an indicator that reminds us and strengthens our chosen direction.

Metal: silver 925
Band size: 1 cm
Processing: Handcrafted with lost wax casting process.

Scroll down and check the measure’s table below

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4 steps to find your size:
1. Crop the downloadable Alef’s measuring stick
2. Measure your finger’s circumference, reaching the dotted line
3. Mark that point
4. Go check the measure’s table and you can find your Italian size with the inside circumference in mm

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Additional information


Silver 925

Dimensione fascia

1 cm


Handcrafted with lost wax casting process