Shah Mat ring



The Shah Mat Ring in 925 silver is entirely handcrafted using the lost-wax casting technique. The ring features a band with a height of 8 mm and is divided into two distinctive parts. The first part is the front band, which depicts a checkmate of the Chess King. The second part of the ring is characterized by the presence of the hand-engraved word “Shah Mat.”

Shah Mat translates to “the king is dead,” “checkmate.” It embodies the idea that to win in one’s personal game, be it in life or any other endeavor, one must know the right moves. It is a symbol of strategic wisdom and the ability to make intelligent choices that lead to victory. Wearing a Shah Mat jewelry piece is a wish for success. It represents the burning desire to achieve one’s goals and the tenacity of knowing it can be done.

Metal: 925 silver
Size: 8 mm band
Craftsmanship: Handcrafted using the lost-wax casting technique

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4 Steps to Find Your Size:

  1. Download and print the Alef ruler template.
  2. Measure the circumference of your finger, aligning it with the dashed line.
  3. Mark the point where the ruler ends.
  4. Refer to the size chart and find your Italian size based on the internal circumference in mm.

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925 silver


Handcrafted using the lost-wax casting technique