Safety small band


Turquoise stone
The first literary traces of the turquoise stone date back to Plinius, that in his Naturalis Historia defines it as a “Collaina” (which translated from the ancient Greek means “beautiful gem”). The balance and the delicacy of the stone immediately caught the philosopher’s eyes. Nowadays, thanks to processing techniques, the endurance of the stone is significantly increased, and its balance has remained the same.
This stone’s colour is blue, which represents calm and safety, the balance between body and mind.

Hidden symbol
The circle is a shape without edges, that represents fullness and harmony, the beginning and the end.

Metal: silver 925
Band size: 8 mm
Processing: Handcrafted with lost wax casting process

Scroll down and check the measure’s table below

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4 steps to find your size:
1. Crop the downloadable Alef’s measuring stick
2. Measure your finger’s circumference, reaching the dotted line
3. Mark that point
4. Go check the measure’s table and you can find your Italian size with the inside circumference in mm

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Silver 925

Dimensione fascia

8 mm


Handcrafted with lost wax casting process