Alef Jewelry is an artisanal project that is born from a four hands job: the hands of a mother with a thirty years’ experience as a Wax Goldsmith and those of a guy, designer, graphic and film maker.

Him “Fashion, now as never before, is the most efficient communication tool. But yet, sometimes, I see it as a detached world. I would like to create a more intimate bond with the things that we wear.”

Obtains the Graphic Arts diploma and after school, he starts studying as self-taught with books and documentaries. In this way, he discovers the hidden message of colours, symbols and alongside he keeps deepening design and graphics studies.


At the age of 22 he starts experiencing, combining video with design and design with graphics. He therefore holds the role of graphic designer, film maker and interior designer for clubs and offices in Rome.

At 25 he decides to make a change in his life by reconsidering everything that he learned, taking all his achievements and all his failures and embark on a new challenge.

Her “I realised I was growing old with my job, and I needed to create with new eyes”.

She starts at 22 years old the Ornamental Arts School in Rome. Right after that, she works in a jewellery laboratory to learn the wax processing and refine the banquet technique. For the next 30 years she devotes her time to the creation of wax jewels, alternating the artisanal work with the duties of a wife and of a mother of three.
After collaborating with different romans goldsmiths and with the Vatican Museums in the production of exhibits, at the age of 54 she decides to create her own brand especially for young people.
However, used to work under customers’ commissions with specific requests, and always addressed to an adult target, she finds in the boy the right inspiration to understand what young people can like and renew her creativity.

In each jewel there is the enthusiasm of a brand-new idea, of a creative flair of a guy interested in visual arts and fashion. But there is also the expert eye, the listening and the support of a goldsmith, woman and mother, that welcomes a breath of fresh air thanks to the confrontation with the boy, her son. Together, they give life to a brand of rings. He designs them with the computer, and she creates them at the banquet. Alef is born.


The 4-stone collection represents our starting point, the first collection that made it all possible. Each ring is handmade starting from the artisan technique of lost wax work. The first collection contains the peculiarity of our brand: each jewel is available in four color variations. Each color has a material, combined in turn with a meaning contained in the words LOVE (coral), POWER (tiger’s eye), SAFETY (turquoise) and CREATION (Howlite).
The four stones symbolize for us the basis of the creative process, which arises from the love for one’s passions, that love that gives you the strength to overcome limits. Overcoming them makes you confident, you get to know yourself and all this gives life to a pure creative act


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